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so ghey


Your Name: Ben
Their Name: Bradley
Your Age: 21
Their Age: 30.. eep
Date You Got Together: 10/18/2004?

How You Met: online, technically
Your Pet Name for Them: Bradley Wadley, B-rad, Brrraaaaadddllleey
Their Pet Name For You: snowflake, you don't want to know
First "I Love You": Hadn't seen each other in a while since he lived in another state. It slipped out of his lips, I figured why not?
First Kiss: HAH, he invited me into his hotel room... so somewhere after that.
First Date: He was in town for a wedding, we toured the town.
Favorite Memory: Leeland City Club
Favorite Gift: The piggy!

Song: Would you love a monster man, Lordi -- we don't like a lot of the same music.
Movie: Shawn of the dead?
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper?
Date: I'd have to ask.
Place: Hotel rooms.
Activity: Watching movies I guess.
Dessert: Turtle Pie
Show: Farscape I guess...
Band: Lordi

Yours: clutter
His: being ignored

Gettin Hitched?: heh not in the state of texas silly
Dream Wedding: simple, non-traditional (obviously), lots of people crying.
Careers: Art teacher, and... Comic book artist? 
Location: everywhere, nowhere 
House, Condo or Apartment: Condo?
Pets: Kids, Angelina style

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