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not a lot of people on here eh... my boyfriend mike doesnt keep a journal... i was able to get him to start one... but he never updated it.. he did a couple movie reviews...

that was on melo. anyway, he's really nice, ... thought i'd just post and give this community some life, i see that there arent too many guys on here yet, thats cool though.

is this like a branch off community of a larger one? with the size of livejournal i'm just really supprized how small this one is...

about me: Hi I'm Dave. Right now i'm at work drinking green tea and eating chips... ew, nevermind i just tossed the chips.. they left oily stains on the paper I flopped them on. Oily stains really bother me, or just any stains, especially carpet stains, I like my carpet to be nice and smooth.

Lol , this is really a funny introduction, I had a pic of my boyfriend, Damn I wish I had it right now so I could add it, its this really cute pic of him holding our kitten Jubei ... I'll find it and post it laters..
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