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so ghey [26 Sep 2007|11:37pm]



Your Name: Ben
Their Name: Bradley
Your Age: 21
Their Age: 30.. eep
Date You Got Together: 10/18/2004?

How You Met: online, technically
Your Pet Name for Them: Bradley Wadley, B-rad, Brrraaaaadddllleey
Their Pet Name For You: snowflake, you don't want to know
First "I Love You": Hadn't seen each other in a while since he lived in another state. It slipped out of his lips, I figured why not?
First Kiss: HAH, he invited me into his hotel room... so somewhere after that.
First Date: He was in town for a wedding, we toured the town.
Favorite Memory: Leeland City Club
Favorite Gift: The piggy!

Song: Would you love a monster man, Lordi -- we don't like a lot of the same music.
Movie: Shawn of the dead?
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper?
Date: I'd have to ask.
Place: Hotel rooms.
Activity: Watching movies I guess.
Dessert: Turtle Pie
Show: Farscape I guess...
Band: Lordi

Yours: clutter
His: being ignored

Gettin Hitched?: heh not in the state of texas silly
Dream Wedding: simple, non-traditional (obviously), lots of people crying.
Careers: Art teacher, and... Comic book artist? 
Location: everywhere, nowhere 
House, Condo or Apartment: Condo?
Pets: Kids, Angelina style

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wow [29 Sep 2004|08:02am]

not a lot of people on here eh... my boyfriend mike doesnt keep a journal... i was able to get him to start one... but he never updated it.. he did a couple movie reviews...

that was on melo. anyway, he's really nice, ... thought i'd just post and give this community some life, i see that there arent too many guys on here yet, thats cool though.

is this like a branch off community of a larger one? with the size of livejournal i'm just really supprized how small this one is...

about me: Hi I'm Dave. Right now i'm at work drinking green tea and eating chips... ew, nevermind i just tossed the chips.. they left oily stains on the paper I flopped them on. Oily stains really bother me, or just any stains, especially carpet stains, I like my carpet to be nice and smooth.

Lol , this is really a funny introduction, I had a pic of my boyfriend, Damn I wish I had it right now so I could add it, its this really cute pic of him holding our kitten Jubei ... I'll find it and post it laters..
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[27 Jul 2004|07:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Here is a quiz for you guys to take ;)

What kind of Hot Boy Kiss are you??
brought to you by Quizilla</font

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[09 May 2004|05:26pm]

Sorry about not having....anything..going on in here. I recently broke up with my boyfriend so because of that I've kinda forgotten about this community but here is a survey anyone who joins can fill out:

Your Name: Rene
Their Name: Mark
Your Age: 18
Their Age: 17
Date You Got Together: 07/29/2003

How You Met: online
Your Pet Name for Them: markie?
Their Pet Name For You: baby
First "I Love You": Don't remember
First Kiss: We went to Vegas and kissed in the hotel room..
First Date: We met up at the mall and hung out.
Favorite Memory: Going to Vegas
Favorite Gift: silver ring with our names on it

Song: Milkshake - Kelis
Movie: Stigmata
Drink: Orange juice?
Date: The first nite in Vegas
Place: over at eachother's place.
Activity: Going to the movies.
Dessert: donuts
Show: Real World
Band:.....Marilyn Manson?

Yours: airheads and drama queens
His: being ignored

Gettin Hitched?: maybe
Dream Wedding: ummm don't really have one.
Careers: He wanted to be a writer. I'm still not quite sure.
Location: depends on where we would work.
House, Condo or Apartment: House
Pets: A dog and a cat
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[22 Apr 2004|02:13am]

Welcome to gayboyfriend. Any gay guy who is in love with their boyfriend can come in here and post all the cheesy stuff they want. Whether it be couple pics, lyrics or share sweet stories. You can also fill out certain couple surveys that I will be posting in the next couple of days. Before you join make sure to read the rules.
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